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The Great Wall of Bullpot. OK, fine, so it’s not exactly as epic as China’s world-famous wall but still, it’s quite impressive isn’t it?

One of the many many wonderful areas and landscapes that Lisabet showed me around was this place, called Bullpot in Cumbria. Well, actually what you explore is the fells and valleys of the Yorkshire Dales, even though it’s in Cumbria (when Cumbria as a county was formed in the 70s, it swallowed some of the Yorkshire Dales, so you can be hiking through the Yorkshire Dales in Cumbria. Confusing, huh?)

“Bullpot” is actually a modernisation, and contraction, of “Bull Pot of the Witches”; named, not so much because of its association with witches but rather to distinguish it from Bull Pot in Kingsdale and its proximity to Witches Cave. The Dales has one of the most extensive cave networks in Britain.

I always marvel at these seriously long stone walls that can often, like here, scale all the way down a valley and rise back up to the top of a tall Fell. You know that whoever constructed these dry stone walls (no mortar or binding used at all) were double-hard bastards.

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Lee Price creates realistic oil paintings, that show women and food in their intimate and private settings. The pictures are self-portraits of her, getting excessive with food that is considered indulgent, forbidden, or comforting. Her works addresses the intersections of food with body image, addiction, and unabating desire.


It’s like looking at sex. I love it.

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A friend of mine is pregnant and JESUS HELP ME I cannot do this not AGAIN

I HATE the way society treats pregnant women I HATE IT SO MUCH I am going to punch the next person who says something dickish to her


Like this person is currently busy GROWING ANOTHER HUMAN and you think this makes it her job to somehow emotionally caretake for how YOU, a TOTAL GODDAMN STRANGER, feel about her pregnancy!?!!

This is why I can never have kids I’d end up being on one of those awful TV specials about women who have to give birth in shackles because I’d be in JAIL FOR MURDER



I doodled this out a while ago but it’s always at least a little relevant to life.

It’s me right now.

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Jarmila Mitríková & Dávid Demjanovič. The Gift. 2009.


Jarmila Mitríková & Dávid Demjanovič. The Gift. 2009.

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the only otp that matters: will graham’s bitchface & freddie lounds not giving a fuck

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The Last Japanese Mermaids 

For nearly two thousand years, Japanese women living in coastal fishing villages made a remarkable livelihood hunting the ocean for oysters and abalone, a sea snail that produces pearls. They are known as Ama. The few women left still make their living by filling their lungs with air and diving for long periods of time deep into the Pacific ocean, with nothing more than a mask and flippers.

In the mid 20th century, Iwase Yoshiyuki returned to the fishing village where he grew up and photographed these women when the unusual profession was still very much alive. After graduating from law school, Yoshiyuki had been given an early Kodak camera and found himself drawn to the ancient tradition of the ama divers in his hometown. His photographs are thought to be the only comprehensive documentation of the near-extinct tradition in existence

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I’m doing an angry little hopping-up-and-down dance that you can’t see but rest assured that I did it.

Because I’ve noticed that when someone white people appropriate shit from POC/indigenous/etc. cultures and decide to be asshats about it, their defense INEVITABLY includes some variation on: BUT THE ANCIENT CELTS WORE BINDIS/HAD DREADLOCKS/HAD SPIRIT ANIMALS/BWAHHHHH I’M A CELT LEAVE ME ALONE

like, where the fuck are you getting all of this information on Iron Age/Bronze Age Celtic European cultures because I can think of a few universities that would sure as fuck like to mine your sources, wow, look at ALL OF THESE FACTS WE DIDN’T KNOW BEFORE. 

WHY IS IT ALWAYS THE CELTS? also who gives a flying fuck? also no, you are probably not nurturing a deep and respectful connection to the spirit of Vercingetorix. Just shut up. 

[this doesn’t apply to reconstructionists, just to assholes who use THE CELTS to defend their bullshit.]

stop making shit up. stop. just stop.


BUT THE CELTS— is the pseudointellectual version of BUT I HAVE A BLACK FRIEND.

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Tornado sirens and shit goin’ off lol

shit dude where are you?!

the eye of gods wrath

I love how you can see the front coming in when it’s flat. The rare storms we get in Phoenix are like this— huge straight lines across the sky.

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One of the most impressive zombie cosplays I have ever seen, and the man behind this is Josef Rarach. 

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Christina Carter


Christina Carter

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