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When you kind of find yourself borderline talking dirty to a really nice dough as it comes together:

"Ooh, yeah, that’s it.  Oh, look at you, you’re gorgeous.   Come on now, come on…. that’s it… a little more…. come on… oh you feel so good.  I’m just gonna… yeah, there it is…”





Hahaha! Step 6 kills me


LOL //dies

This is exactly what watching Supernatural and baking tarte tatin was like last night.

Except I don’t have a microwave so I legit had to leave the butter out on the counter like a goddamn idiot.

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Photo Set

The sad thing is, I would be really excited if someone did this for me.  I have a grains problem: I see one I’ve never messed with before and I instantly purchase it.  Right now: 3 kinds of oats, millet, kamut, soy, 3 4 kinds of cornmeal, 2 types of quinoa, 3 whole wheats, 2 bread flours, gluten-free baking mix, cake flour, 2 pastry flours, probably 10+ types of sweeteners if you include things like honey and agave and inverted sugar-syrup… And that’s just the ones I can remember off the top of my head.  My baking cabinets are out of control.

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The Butter Converter

Bless you, Internet.  Bless you.


My absolute favorite thing.

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